Change image memory in TidyPics 2.3

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Wanted to see where do I change the memory in Tidypics so when I upload I wont get the "Too many pixels" error?

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  • The creation of the thumbnails when using the GD php extension as image library (as Elgg requires this extension it's also used by Tidypics by default) requires (a lot of) memory correlating with the image resolution (not directly relating with image filesize). To allow for uploading and processing images with larger resolutions you would have to increase the value of the memory_limit php variable in Elgg's .htaccess file (or in the server's php.ini if setting php variable values in .htaccess files don't work on your server or you don't use Apache). By default memory_limit is set to 64M by Elgg. If you have enough RAM on your server, you can increase the value.

    A better approach would be to use one of the alternative image libraries supported by Elgg. If you have either the Imagick php extension or the ImageMagick tools installed on your server, you can select one of these other image libraries to be used by Tidypics in the Tidypics plugin settings. Both have much lower memory requirements, so you would be able to upload images with higher resolutions even if you can't increase memory_limit enough. And both should also produce thumbnails with a better image quality (I always use the ImageMagick tools as they give the best results in my opinion). If neither Imagick php extension nor the ImageMagick tools are installed on your server and you don't know how to install them, I would suggest to ask the support of your webhoster.

  • Thank you for the response!!! I realized that Image Magick is only for dedicated servers within my webhost and Im shared :(. Hopefully the site will get bigger and will have be able to obtain a dedicated server!

    Thanx again :)