My site mobile friendly


I realized my site cant really be accessed via mobile phone so how so I go about make my site mobile friendly?

Thank ya

  • Use a mobile friendly theme like Aalborg Theme or use the plugin Mobilize (

  • Which version of Elgg are you using? Recent versions of Elgg have the Aalborg theme that is responsive (so mobile friendly). Alternatively there are other responsive themes available.

  • Just curious, are responsive themes available for Elgg 3x - including paid themes ?
    ( Elgg 2x seem to be EOL as well as php5x but I am not sure when )

  • Thank you for the recommendation @Rohit I appreciate it!!

    @iionly I am using the Aalborg theme and changed code to what I wanted but I added a login page plugin that when you look from mobile it comes out very small and not good to use. I actually deactivated due to now see how the aalborg theme looks via mobile. I thought I needed the login plugin but I dont.,,

    @dranii I dont know, that is interesting though.

  • Elgg 3 has not even be released and it will be at least a couple month until it is. I doubt that there are already themes for Elgg 3 available (at least published themes as some people might already experiment with Elgg 3 a bit to be prepared). Even with Elgg 3 released it might take a while until themes arrive. Elgg 3 is fully responsive and mobile friendly by default. While Elgg 2 themes won't work on Elgg 3 without getting updated it shouldn't be too hard to upgrade an existing theme (or the other way round: modify the Elgg 3 UI files accordingly to get the same look and feel as before on Elgg 2). Likewise, it's not too hard to start with the default Elgg 3 UI and create a theme plugin that changes the look and feel - it should be even easier as with Elgg 2. Of course, a bit of coding knowledge would be necessary but it's surely manageable.

    Even with Elgg 3 released it won't be the immediate EOL of Elgg 2. With Elgg 3 released Elgg 2 will become the new LTS release replacing Elgg 1.12 in this role. Elgg 2 should receive bugfixes (at least security fixes) until Elgg 4 would get released when Elgg 3 would replace Elgg 2 as LTS release. Elgg 2.3 also works with PHP 7 so you can upgrade from PHP 5 to 7 and still use Elgg 2.3 until you are ready to upgrade to Elgg 3.