Extend blog / messagboard for pictures / videos

Hello everyone,

I´m new to elgg and i´m really excited about this fantastic software.

I´m currently setting up a blog/messageboard and i´m wondering if there is a way to add images / videos to a blog or messageboard. I think it would be nice if people could add a youtube-video or image from flickr to a blog-entry.

does anyone have experience with this kind of task?

  • Simply use the insert/ image button on your TINYMCE toolbar and insert the image url. For example:

    Toy Cars

    This is from my flickr page.

    I tried youtube but just get nothing, so youtube doesn't work????

  • You can add picutres to any text you write (message, blog, forum, comment etc).

    You can add videos to your text with the kaltura video plugin available here. (Then it doesn't matter if it is an youtube video, or your own.)

    But I think it is not possible to add sth like that to the messagboard! Would be great to have such extended messageboard.


  • If you're using1.5 there is an option to add video/images using the embed plugin.

    If you want to put youtube in click the html button and enter the code you've copied from the 'embed' section:


  • Curiously, it previewed correctly but hasn't appeared when 'saved'.


    I'll put a ticket into trac.

  • Well thank you very much for your answers... since i´m still new to elgg... i hope it´s ok to ask what exactly the TINYMCE is...

    @Gleb L: You wrote "You can add picutres to any text you write (message, blog, forum..." but you did not write how ;)


  • never mind... try google first ;)


    thanks for your answers!