Private settings not saving

hi, on my profile page i'm trying to change the privacy settings but it's not saving. I'v played about with the settings in admin (image below) but nothing works.


And i'v disabled some plugins i'v just added but it wasn't them ..... help to fix please :) 



so this when i change to 'private' then save goes back to 'public'





and i tested on off with this but still same :( 





thank you

  • so you have the problem only with Elgg 2.3.9 but not any older version of Elgg

    It was began early than 2.3.9. At least, 2.3.5 (as I remember).

    I didn't pay attention to this issue because I thought that the reason was in the code, or on the server (we included memcache at that time). But now I see that I'm not alone ;)

    possibly only with nginx?

    I can't say that on nginx only. But on localhost with Apache I haven't this issue on Elgg 2.3.9. Unfortunately, I haven't a remote server with an Apache.

    What does you plugin do exactly? What does it fix?

    Just sets the access level in metadata ignoring changes made in #9069

    3rd party plugins

    Sure, I did it before (and always).


    My opinion is a problem with the metadata' caching but I don't know where is it: server or database.

    In our case, it happened when a 'Profile' plugin was disabled, used custom plugin without register_metadata_as_independent('user'); and we've upgraded Elgg to 2.x.

  • @RvR

    I haven't done anything with the profile files, no mods anywhere on the site, and the plugins not working still.


    register_metadata_as_independent('user'); i see this in the profile.php


  • i'v done a temp fix, which i can live with permanently if you don't find the problem with your plugin, i'v disabled the option boxes in profile edit


    such a perfect platform i don't get why you even need these options as all the widgets and everything else can be set on private.




    anyways thanks for the help, get back to me if/when it's fixed .... thank you ! :)