Problem with deleting a reply in group discussion


I am using Elgg 2.1.1

In a group, when I try to delete a reply on a discussion (using discussion ang grouo tools plugin), I have this error:

"L'action demandée (discussion_reply/delete) n'est pas définie dans le système."

Impossible to delete, even when connected as administrator.

Do you have an idea?

Thanks for hepl


    1. Disable all non-bundled plugins and try again.
    2. Upgrade to latest Elgg v2.3.9
  • Is it only happening for a specific reply or can't you delete any discussion reply? If it's a general problem, you might have to upgrade to the latest Elgg version (as in this case it was probably a bug that has been fixed in the meantime). If it's only happening for one reply it might be that the database entry of this reply is broken for some reason. In this case it might help to use the dbvalidator plugin from (best might be to download as it contains fixes not available in a release yet) to see if it shows some faulty db entries (first make only a validate run to see if there's anything the plugin would even be able to fix and only make a fix run if errors are found and then only after backuping the database).