Is elgg dependable for 1 million community?

Hello All

Is elgg having all the things needed to create and run a mega network? We are on seed stage and averagely funded and  exploring all options and i think we found below 3 as tested scripts for mega community sites




Is elgg dependable to launch a customized mega network like linkedin/facebook? What are other good options, 

feel free to comment your views, expertise and advice.






  • yes it is, but this question is too complex to answer because it also depends on usage, plugins, server architecture etc

  • Look at Minds as an example.

    Also, check out this topic with some useful information about Elgg Performance & Scalability

  • As with any site for a high number of users you would have the necessary hardware resources AND first of all you need the knowledge to configure the server(s) correctly and to be able to solve possible performance bottlenecks showing up. You can't expect that it's just a simple job to of setting up the site regardless which script you use and it would run perfectly on its own. As you ask this questions here I suspect you might not have all the knowledge that is likely necessary, so you might need to take into account that you need to hire someone providing professional help with setting up and maintaining the site and to take the budget for this help into account for your calculation. The other scripts apart from Elgg would have the same requirements (with regards to servers and server config to have a sufficient performance). It's also unlikely that you would have 1 million users from day 1. So, you might start with a learning by doing approach if you think you can gain the necessary knowledge on your own in course of time.

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