Landing Page plugin/Aalborg theme change

Hey folks!

I realized that after trial and error wanted to keep things very simple plugin wise. I want to see if there are any current landing page plugins that I can use as well as how to place my logo as background image and change header/navbar in aalborg theme? Thank you for your help!!


  • Update: I got my landing page done but still need help with the aalborg theme.

  • What folder does the html for the Aalborg theme reside in? Sorry to be asking so many questions :)

  • elgg is a PHP framework.  HTML does not "reside" in elgg.  It is generated in the browser using PHP when the user requests a page. 

  • HTML does not "reside" in elgg

    Well, it is funny but html content cannot generate on their own so the html code has to reside within elgg.

    It is generated in the browser using PHP when the user requests a page. 

    If i have to explain this in very simple terms then I would say that the html code (that obviously reside within elgg) are stored in bits an pieces on different path within the "default" folder in the form of views, resources, form etc. The PHP code just add up/assemble the html code segment based on the logic defined in php. These logic may or may not vary from page to page.

    So, the conclusion is that HTML code does reside within elgg.

  • The OP seems to be looking for assembled HTML content.  Perhaps "assembled" would be a better term than "generated"; however, the spirit is the same.  Saying that HTML code is pulled from a hundred different places is technically correct, but then the answer could easily be a list of every folder in the aalborg_theme plus every folder in vendor\elgg and elsewhere.  That's not the answer that was expected and is not super helpful either.

  • Thank you both Sirs @Rohit @C0Rupt :)!!

    I initially had a specific theme plugin that I loved but it compromised the site's security(got no help from the person who created it to fix the issues) so I deactivated it. After wrecking my brain for some time I took the HTML code embedded within the old plugin's php and created an Index.php file to override and IT WORKED!!

    Thank ya both again :)


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