Require.js is not working

Hello all! I noticed that the require.js is not working which causes parts of my site to malfunction. What do I do to fix this?

Thank ya


  • If it would be easier to place the require.js cdn within the code but where do I place it without messing up everything?

  • You can place the following code in start.php file of your plugin


    Hope this helps.

  • Thank ya so very much..unfortunately I still get errors...still going to try my hardest to fix it!

    Thank ya again :)

    have you modified files? verified that they are well saved in UTF_8 without BOM
    otherwise it can cause execution problems
  • Have you tested if a plugin you use is causing the problem? I would suggest to disable all 3rd party plugins temporarily to see if the issue remains then. If not, you would only have to test which of the plugins is causing the problem by enabling them again one by one. It's likely a plugin issue and without knowing which one, it's impossible to give any better advice. And knowing if it's a plugin or not that causes the problem is important to know, too.