Andriod and IOS App creation

Hello folks!

Want to turn my site into an app and was trying to use a 3rd party such as Appy Pie. They only allow secure sites of course but when I attach an SSL (via my webhost) my site gets messed up. What do I do to correct things or any suggestions in regards to creating my app?

Thank ya


  • Don't pay anyone to make your site into an app.You can make Android, Windows or Apple apps by yourself just do some googling and get either Android Studio or Microsoft Visual Studio they are free. I will add the developers fees for Apple are expensive and they don't guarantee allowing web apps on their store so it is a gamble but Windows and Android both have allowed my apps on their stores.

  • when I attach an SSL (via my webhost) my site gets messed up.

    A little more detail would be appreciated. Messed up how? How did you obtained and installed the SSL certificate. Have you changed the default URL for elgg to https? and lastly, did you configured your htaccess to always redirect to https?

    If you have done all the above 3 steps correctly, then there should not be any messed up happening.

    Refer to these resources:

    1. Obtaining and Installing SSL:
    2. Changing the default URL: Go to Admin > Settings > Advanced Settings > The site URL - Change it to https
    3. Configured your htaccess:
  • Good info. Many thanks to all. However I can see only 3 replies but the reply count shows 7 replies.

  • First off THANK YOU to all of you for the help its greatly appreciated :) <3

    Sir @Herb definitely taking your advice and doing it myself! I already have an account with both Google and Apple developer just need to create the app. Im going to test out Xamarin which lets one create apps for both stores as well as Microsoft I believe.

    Sir @Rohit I installed Elgg via my webhost application store (1&1) and obtained a SSL cert through them as well. I contacted them earlier and got everything squared away so now my site is HTTPS approved!

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