discussion in the groups with hypewall

I am in version 2.3.8 with hypewall

I wish I could create an activity in my groups
the site is https://driving-lovers.com

how can I do

  • May be keeping the uri pointed to https:// yoursite / activity?type=object&subtype=discussion will show the activity of the discussions / groups ...

    By the way, your font above appears in Courier font face like thing to me ? How do you do it ? Just asking because I want to avoid this happening in my Elgg installations. And your site has an iframe like thing which shows "Secure Connection Failed The connection to www.youtube.com was interrupted while the page was loading" - may be this can be avoided in the first page..
    Another thing, hypewall at present has seem to stop support / further development for Elgg 3x which may be around the corner. How you are tackling or going to tackle that ? If you have any plan please share.

    sorry i french and i do not understand english, and the translation of your message i do not understand it. for email police it's the copy of the translation that gives that for the problem on the video of the site page so far I have never had any problem neither on pc nor on smartphone do you know a plugin like hypewall that also works in GROUPS
    what I want is to have a wall in my groups
  • Plugin Group tools has the group's activity page

    yes there is activity of the group but I have no solution to insert comments etc .. as on the wall that's what I'm looking for a wall on the group part
  • The hypeWall plugin (use latest version from the github repository) provides a group Wall. You need to enable the group's Wall on the group edit page. Then you have a group Wall (widget) on the group profile page.

  • @jmperu Early, I've answered about this question already.

    but I can not write on this wall it is only the visualization of the activity of the group

    Add widgets to the group profile

    Activité du groupe
    Affiche l'activité d'un groupe
    Content by tag
    Find content by a tag
    Show an url in an iframe
    • Vous avez déjà ajouté ce widget
    Images les plus récentes
    Ce widget liste les photos les plus récemment envoyées sur sur le site.
    • Vous avez déjà ajouté ce widget
    Les albums les plus récent
    Ce widget liste les albums les plus récemment créés.
    Membres du groupe
    Shows the members of this group
    • Vous avez déjà ajouté ce widget
    Most recent videos
    This widget lists the most recent videos added to this group.
    RSS Feed
    Show a RSS feed
    my problem is that I created my groups before having installed all my plugin how can I reset my groups so he can have the group wall
    because if I create a new group I have the group wall
  • You need to have the latest version of hypeWall installed (https://github.com/hypeJunction/hypeWall/releases). The version available here does not have the group Wall functionality yet.

    You can enable the group wall also for existing groups. There's no need to reset anything. Just go to the group edit page after you have version 5.2.0 of hypeWall installed and enable the group wall option.

    With the group_tools plugin it won't work (in case you use this plugin) because there's no group widget registered by hypeWall. But without the group_tools plugin you should see a Group Wall on the profile page of this group and also a Group Wall menu entry in the sidebar of this group. You need to enable the group wall option for each group you want to have a group wall.

  • I use hypeWall 5.2.0 with Group Tool plugin. In the settings of the group I checked "Enable forum wall", and it works. I have the Group Wall.

    BTW I noticed that the only difference between Group Activity and Group Wall is that Group Wall has "What's on your mind?" text box and the SHARE button. Is this the expected result?