Some discussion on Elgg 3x

By dranii

This is posted under General discussion - nothing very specific but some general apprehensions and queries. Regarding Elgg 3x. Will it be practical to use Elgg3x for a new site which I want to launch within next year ? Elgg 3x is RC which means its almost good but not yet ready for production site. Elgg 4x is posted for release in 2019 - I saw somewhere in Github. Along with this I would like an Elgg version that will have maximum possible php compatibility, something that will go well with php 8x. If it sounds futuristic, it is - but I would like my site not to die in the next twenty years or so. Time flies fast indeed and it was just the other day when it was a great time with php3x. Many Elgg sites ( as well as other sites) have "died" ( note its in quote) as a huge number of Elgg plugins are no longer updated making Elgg 1x or 2x incompatible for those who adopted Elgg for those plugins.

  • Many core devs are seemingly inactive or migrated away - Cash, Evan, Brett, Sroka, Matt. Nothing remains fixed or permanent but here the change is more than a lot more.
  • Hypewall which made Elgg status box and thus almost the entire approach modern and at par with Wordpress-Peepso, Crea8social, Sngine, Humhub and others and even Fb - and extended Hypewall plugins seems to be hitting dead end for Elgg 3x - as "This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only" ( paid services at also seem to be not existing any more)
  • While testing for the past year in Elgg 2x and thinking of upgrading to 3x when its ready - shows at present - that will be not be easy as theme changes in 3x have problem with responsiveness ( too wide in desktops) and loss of important functions like Bookmark | Report | RSS of any Elgg page / blog post / content ( will there be any plugin to fix this? How will 2x sites upgrade to 3x ?)
  • What will be the realistic time ( MM/YY)  for production ready Elgg 3x as well as necessary plugins ( iionly plugins seem to be ready, but others ?) - I know no one can tell any date but just asking ....