I have the following error code in many task of my Elgg site.

An unrecoverable error has occurred and has been logged. Contact the site administrator with the following information:

Exception at time 1543956666.

For exemple, when I send a private message to a user. Also wnen I accept a user demand to joint on a groupe. The same message appear for the user who ask to joint a groupe.

Some one know how I can fixe this?

Thank you for your time

  • The number is a timestamp that tells when the error occurred. You must check your server's error log to see the actual error message.

  • I dont know where is my server error log. Do you know where is it in Cpannel or in the main server WHM (I have a dedicated server)? And what I do when I find it?

    Thank you

  • Option 1: Using Elgg - Open Elgg > Admin > Statistics > Server Info: You will find PHP Log showing your error log file location.

    Option 2: Using PHPINFO - Check your phpinfo() and you will get your error_log file location.

    Option 3: Using Cpanel - If none of the above option helped you then there is a section in your cpanel that might be saving your error log. You will find a menu as "Error". Click on it and it will show you the last 300 errors.


    I have found this file in CPannel (see picture) and bellow pic is a part of the content the content inside. I dont know what to do with all this to correct my problems.

    [09-Dec-2018 02:38:19 UTC] Exception at time 1544323099: Error: Call to undefined function Zend\Mail\Header\iconv_mime_decode() in /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/zendframework/zend-mail/src/Header/HeaderWrap.php:111
    Stack trace:
    #0 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/zendframework/zend-mail/src/Header/Date.php(23): Zend\Mail\Header\HeaderWrap::mimeDecodeValue('Sun, 09 Dec 201...')
    #1 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/zendframework/zend-mail/src/Message.php(101): Zend\Mail\Header\Date::fromString('Date: Sun, 09 D...')
    #2 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/zendframework/zend-mail/src/Message.php(63): Zend\Mail\Message->getHeaders()
    #3 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/lib/notification.php(646): Zend\Mail\Message->setEncoding('UTF-8')
    #4 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/lib/notification.php(252): elgg_send_email('info@juliensant...', 'info@juliensant...', 'Vous avez re\xC3\xA7u...', 'Vous avez un no...', Array)
    #5 [internal function]: _elgg_send_email_notification('send', 'notification:em...', false, Array)
    #6 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/classes/Elgg/PluginHooksService.php(52): call_user_func_array('_elgg_send_emai...', Array)
    #7 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/classes/Elgg/Notifications/NotificationsService.php(496): Elgg\PluginHooksService->trigger('send', 'notification:em...', Array, false)
    #8 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/classes/Elgg/Notifications/NotificationsService.php(292): Elgg\Notifications\NotificationsService->sendNotification(Object(Elgg\Notifications\InstantNotificationEvent), 36, 'email', Array)
    #9 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/classes/Elgg/Notifications/NotificationsService.php(398): Elgg\Notifications\NotificationsService->sendNotifications(Object(Elgg\Notifications\InstantNotificationEvent), Array, Array)
    #10 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/lib/notification.php(520): Elgg\Notifications\NotificationsService->sendInstantNotifications(Object(ElggUser), Array, Array)
    #11 /home/lulius/public_html/mod/messages/start.php(339): notify_user(Array, 58, 'Vous avez re\xC3\xA7u...', 'Vous avez un no...', Array)
    #12 /home/lulius/public_html/mod/messages/actions/messages/send.php(39): messages_send('Vous avez re\xC3\xA7u...', 'Vous avez un no...', 36, 58, 0)
    #13 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/classes/Elgg/Includer.php(18): include('/home/lulius/pu...')
    #14 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/classes/Elgg/ActionsService.php(176): Elgg\Includer::includeFile('/home/lulius/pu...')
    #15 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/lib/actions.php(22): Elgg\ActionsService->execute('messages/send')
    #16 [internal function]: _elgg_action_handler(Array, 'action')
    #17 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/classes/Elgg/Router.php(100): call_user_func('_elgg_action_ha...', Array, 'action')
    #18 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/classes/Elgg/Application.php(436): Elgg\Router->route(Object(Elgg\Http\Request))
    #19 /home/lulius/public_html/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/classes/Elgg/Application.php(384): Elgg\Application->run()
    #20 /home/lulius/public_html/index.php(8): Elgg\Application::index()
    #21 {main}
  • The error states "Error: Call to undefined function Zend\Mail\Header\iconv_mime_decode()" - Seems like the Zend may have corrupt files. Try updating your dependencies for elgg. 

    Run the following command using composer:

    $ composer update

    Hope this will solve your issue

  • Sorry but I dont know how to do this. What is composer and how can I run this command?

    Thank you

  • Alternatively, if you are not familiar with composer, you can download elgg ( and overwrite the vendor folder in your server with the vendor folder from the downloaded zip file.

  • The problem is very likely not with the Elgg installation but with the server configuration. The iconv php extension is probably either not installed or not enabled. Make sure this extension is installed on the server. If on a Windows server (or XAMPP) you might just have to enable the extension in the php.ini



  • IIonly!

    I have it installed on my server.

  • Are you really sure that the iconv extension is really installed and used or is it only selected to be installed? For example the imap extension below the iconv extension has an "Installed" note (highlighted in green) whereas inconv might only be selected to be installed and has no "Installed" note. After selecting an extension to be installed you need to save and rebuild the configuration.

    You can also check if a php extension is used with phpinfo. Just place a file you name for example phpinfo.php in the root folder of your domain with the following content:


    Now call this script in your browser (yoursite.url/phpinfo.php) and the output will display info about your server config. All php extension used should be listed, i.e. inconv should also show up and should be shown as enabled.