Installing Elgg

Okay, so I overcame the first hurdle installing Elgg, by using the .htaccess file from wordpress. (rofl)

Second installation hurdle is the data directory. I have read through other threads and tried all possible combinations - even those people said didn't work.

I get either "We don't think [blah/blah/blah] is an absolute path for your data directory"(like I care what you think) or "We don't think [blah/blah/blah] is an absolute path for your data directory".

I have created several [data] directories in odd places and none of them are accepted.

I gather making the site itself is easier and more smooth than the installation....

  • meril

    As I have stated already from the start - I went through every question related to the same problem.

    The problem here is not me, but people who apparently are unable/willing to read properly and begin to go ad hominem. 

    You show ignorance here, seeking to defend which should not be defended. To act as a support, you should be disregarding the outrage and keep to the technical area.

    Doesn't matter though. I found a place which could offer what I needed smoothly without problems (although they had a little laugh when I mentioned Elgg support - so I'm at least not alone...).

    The only one who has acted professional in this, has been Jerome. Kudos to him.

    Close the thread. I'm out.

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