"sorry, we could not save your file"

For the benefit of others that might encounter the same problem, I came across this issue when I created a completely open group and I thought it would accept uploads from site members that were not in the open group.

But it does not, although the group is open, the groups file plugin will show this message when somebody that has not joined attempts to upload a file.


  • Can you post this scenario here (step-by-step)?

    (with listing of Elgg version and activated plugins)

    Because, I can't reproduce this on my Elgg 2.3.9 with bundled plugins.

  • Open groups means non-group members can see the content BUT are they supposed to have "write" access to the group ? They ideally should not be able to add any content : text or file or whatever to the group unless they join the group. I will at least like the behavior of groups in this way. By the way, what Elgg version are you using / testing ?

  • In "Open" Groups with public content non-members can't create any content a(new blog, page, file etc) but can comment it.

    If you want to restrict this option then use Group Tools plugin with extended access level permissions.