Login/Register format

Hey again folks :)

I wanted to see how do I get my login within the navbar and register widget with the body of the page? Ive attached an example that I saw from the "showcase" page on this site. What file(s) do I change to accomplish this?


  • Shortly, it's not an Elgg's core feature but an additional option.

    So you can choose between:

    1. You can download and activate the theme with this option/view.

    2. You can learn PHP and rewrite index.php.

    3. Also, try to hire a developer to do it for your website if you don't want to learn docs, write code, or search similar discussions on this community.

  • Thank you so very much for this! I have a theme already that Im cool with just wanted to see about changing the plugin. Im going to reach out to the creator of it to see if he can help. Thank you so very much again :) xoxo