The response time of elgg.og

The response time of homepage is good. But the response time of the groups (e.g. ) is tooo long.

Is this the case with other Elgg sites?

  • My network takes time to load the activity page and profile. The other pages open quickly.
  • In my network the homepage and he blog page download at about 1-2 seconds.

    The Activity page at about 8 sec.

    The Plugins page and the different Groups at about 12 sec. 

    I think is a showcase for Elgg performance. Therefore 12 seconds is really not the best promotion for Elgg.

    In addition, I saw that the largest group has about 6700 members. So, the peak might be 100 - 300 users. If we take this site as the basis for the calculation, I am very concerned about what might be the speed of the site that I build right now, when the traffic is 10 or 100 times larger.

    I know that there are many more factors involved and I'd very much appreciate the Admin's explanation.

    Thank you