hypewall in the group

Hello, how can I integrate into my groups the hypewall plugin cordially
  • Group -> Edit group -> Enable group wall -> Save

    I do not have options in either the plugin group settings or group_tools neither in the configuration of the group on the site
    but I can not write on this wall it is only the visualization of the activity of the group

    Add widgets to the group profile

    Activité du groupe
    Affiche l'activité d'un groupe
    Content by tag
    Find content by a tag
    Show an url in an iframe
    • Vous avez déjà ajouté ce widget
    Images les plus récentes
    Ce widget liste les photos les plus récemment envoyées sur sur le site.
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    Les albums les plus récent
    Ce widget liste les albums les plus récemment créés.
    Membres du groupe
    Shows the members of this group
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    Most recent videos
    This widget lists the most recent videos added to this group.
    RSS Feed
    Show a RSS feed
    my problem is that I created my groups before having installed all my plugin how can I reset my groups so he can have the group wall
    because if I create a new group I have the group wall