Continued Services Needed.

Hi all! We are about to launch an elgg social network for which continued services will be required. Except for minor issues with GroupTools plugin, for which I will be delighted to get some help (see discussion) it is right now all settled and ready to be launched; I want to believe!

Not being myself a developer, it is already starting to get quite difficult for me to keep up with the required technical work, and once the public work starts, it will be a must to have a 'resident' developer to make sure all website and server-side configurations are properly done, be ready to solve issues, contribute with elgg and social-network general best practices, and implement and develop (where needed) upcoming developments. 

The website is starting with simple features and just a handful of selected 3rd party plugins: most of them, if not all, from Ionly, ColdTrick and HypeJunction; latest releases for elgg version 2.3. 

Once having fixed our actual issues with GroupTools some of the most needed implementations for which we should require professional services are:

  • Booking facility integrated with elgg user points, hypewall, widgets etc...;
  • Payment method;

The Continued Services then should  cover: email and newsletter, chat, user roles, users connections and interactions, customizations, plugins installs and configuration...

We believe that the actual existing elgg plugins should cover all our needs for at least the first year of the project; if so, most of our demands should be on plugins conflicts fixing, minor customizations and possible updates. 

I will see replies here on the Professional Services Groupl

Tnx all,


Professional Services

Professional Services

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