Need help with GroupTools plugin on HypeUI theme.

Hi all. I have been trying to solve 2 issues with the plugin, so far no success; I m right now pretty clueless. I have all latest version installed plugins, a few select ones from ColdTrick, Ionly and Hypejunction. All fine and running, except for two behaviors oh the GroupTools that I need to change/fix.

1 - GroupTools adds a second avatar for group on listings, as wall posts and grouppicker (I have added pics here);

2 - It allows me to set for Simple group create form in the plugin setting, but I doesn't offer the same option for the editing form; the issue here being that it both duplicates the tabs: 

and, besides duplicating them it doesn't load the specific forms; it keeps the page static on the Profile fields form.

Yes, I really need help here.

Thank you all.

  • 1 - GroupTools adds a second avatar for group

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    Try 2 methods:

    #1 Move GroupTools before hypeUI then run Flush the Caches and Check again

    #2 Move GroupTools after hypeUI then run Flush the Caches and Check again

    Which results?

    Also, check errors in the browser's dev console (Web Console in Firefox, Developer Tools in Chrome).

  • For #1, amazing!, thank you so much; I'd never imagined that moving the plugins from their places on the dashboard could impact their behaviors. Thank you RvR, so much; is there more that I should know about this?, any documentation?

    For #2, no changes; as I move GroupTools after it duplicates the avatars, and in both ways the group editing remains the same: the tabs are duplicated, and they fail to load their fields.

    Got 1 error from the console:

    jquery.ckeditor.js:5 Uncaught Error: The environment is incompatible.
        at n.fn.init.ckeditor (jquery.ckeditor.js:5)
        at HTMLTextAreaElement.<anonymous> (ckeditor.js:47)
        at Function.each (jquery.js:2)
        at n.fn.init.each (jquery.js:2)
        at Object.bind (ckeditor.js:29)
        at ckeditor.js:211
        at Object.execCb (require.js:1696)
        at Module.check (require.js:883)
        at Module.<anonymous> (require.js:1139)
        at require.js:134


    I disabled the ckeditor plugin, moved the GroupTools again (before and after HypeUI), flushed the cash each time; and no changes on the group editing.

    RvR, I thank you already lots for coming to my help, and even more for such a simple fix. I will be now here hoping that there may be a fix as handy for this group editing issue. 

    Thanks again!

  • Do you have the same problem still with HypeUI disabled? I would suggest to test it with HypeUI temporarily disabled to see if the edit and create forms are alright then. It could be that both Group Tools and HypeUI modify the same Elgg core files to change the UI and other aspects in connection with groups. With both plugins used at the same time one plugin (the plugin lower in the plugin list) would override the changes made by the other plugin. This can result in things like the duplicate icons or in other stuff not working (or just not fully working if the modifications done by one plugin are only partly overriden by the other). First I would suggest to test if you can narrow down the cause by disabling one (and maybe then the other) plugin to see what happens. If it still the same with one plugin disabled, you might even have to test if some other plugin causes the problem. Once you have figured out at least which plugins are involved the only possibility would be to report the problem to Coldtrick and/or Ismayil to ask if they would be able to get both plugins working flawless beside each other (if their plugins are causing the problem when used in parallel).

  • Hi, thank you, iionly; I really appreciate the clarifications about the position of the plugins in the list. 

    And, yes, there is no doubt, the issue is between the 2 plugins, that's why I mentioned both; with Alborg all seams to work fine. What would be the most appropriate, open a new discussion for the conflict tagging them: Ismayil and Jerome Baker or by private msgs, yet here on the elgg community or on github?

    Once again, iionly, my many tnx.

  • I can't say what might be the best way to proceed. Maybe trying to get in contact with Ismayil and Jerome is the best approach (being prepared to ask for a custom, paid fix as it might not be a bug as such in either plugin but rather a conflict only happening when using both at the same time, so it might require a specific modification just for this case that might not even work when directly implemented in either of these two plugins. As a fallback: does it work alright when not using the simple forms options for create/edit groups?

  • iionly, my many tnx; and sorry I couldn't come to your last reply before. As for your last question: no difference. 

    I am going to contact Ismayil and Jerome. I am surely looking forward to finding some developer to work with us; I had contacted Ismayil (not for this issue yet), who is surely overbooked, and after his advice I've posted on the Technical Services, but no replies yet.

    Any advices on finding and choosing a developer to work with elgg will be more than appreciated; that is a kind of professional I've never hired before, and I do feel I can't really say what I am looking for.

    Nevertheless, I thank you for your kind assistance.

    Let's keep working ;) Cheers!