Need help in installing Elgg 3x from pre-packaged zip (recommended if not comfortable with CLI)

I have used Elgg 2x in simlar way from github but with Elgg 3x I cannot proceed with web install ( tried with both php5x and php7x), I keep on getting this message "Couldn't include '/home/xxx/public_html/xxx/elg3x/vendor/autoload.php'. Did you run `composer install`?

Older or previous versions of github Elg 3x did not seem to have this problem.

  • If you want to install the latest dev package from GitHub repo then you MUST run composer install command using CLI.

    Sure, you can try Elgg 3.0-RC.1 zipped release available on

  • Thanks RvR. I think at previous times Elgg zip or such other php scripts zipped could be installed from github via web installer. Infact various Elgg plugins or mods from github do work in that way without any problem. Even after reading knowledgebase about "composer install command using CLI" I could not understand it. Elgg 3.0-RC.1 is more or less running fine except the very odd theme issues making it not ready for use and I wanted to see the latest dev version of 3x and various plugin compatibilties. Thanks a lot RvR for the heads up.