Installation: An unrecoverable error has occurred

I tried to install Elgg on one of my websites (Subdomain) but it fails. Test Installation with XAMPP was successful. After entering the database connection I get this Error:


An unrecoverable error has occurred and has been logged. If you are the site administrator check your settings file, otherwise contact the site administrator with the following information:

Exception at time 1541882771.

How can I solve this? There was one thing I had to change to run the installation: I had to disable FollowSymLinks in the.htaccess because the hoster doesn't support that. I hope that's not the problem.

  • Check the server error logs (Apache and/or PHP) to see what the problem is. The error message just says when the error has happened but not what is wrong. More info should be in the logs. Seach for "1541882771" as the timestamp should be included in the log entry. If the mog message doesn't help you, post it here. But maybe it already tells you what you might need to fix or do differently.

  • thanks, I fixed it. I had a mySQL Problem, Elgg is running now