Verified User Plugin

Verified User Plugin - is there a plugin to show verified user, verified user  verifcation can be done by admin or user can request, looking for such plugin at minimal if there is no plugin as such i want to store verified user in DB and store it in DB using UI at admin page, what changes needs to be done to accomplish this.. thanks

  • I don't think there's any plugin for verified user functionality (adding, managing, displaying etc.). I don't think the Badges plugin can help much for this specific purpose. While you could assign some badge icon to verified users manually, there's no way to manage these users specifically. I think you would create such a plugin on your own or hire someone to do the job.

  • Hi iionly, how can I learn how to create a plugin fast? I need to update some plugin that are giving me problem

  • There's no shortcut in learning to code or learning to write Elgg plugins. You need some basic knowledge in coding in general and in PHP, HTML and Elgg more specifically and then it's just time you need to make any changes necessary. I can only suggest to try a "learning by doing" approach. It worked for me. I also started in the same way back on Elgg 1.7. I took one plugin at a time and started to study the code to understand how it works and what every line of code is supposed to do. At the beginning progress will be (very) slow (at least if you have not an excellent coding background already). But I don't know of any other way how to proceed.