Custom buttons froze on a profile page with a JS script

Hi there. I added a couple of buttons with images into the profile page to update some metadata. Buttons are controlled my a JS script which I converted into an AMD module.  The whole setup runs well on my developer server. But when I moved it into the production server, the buttons froze. Just the images show up. No errors, no alerts, neither on the console, nor from the server.

No clue where to look. Any hint?

  • Only now I noticed this on web console:

    [Violation] Forced reflow while executing JavaScript took 41ms

  • I think this is only a warning that is not necessarily connected with the problem. If it works on your test site but not on your production site I would start the bughunt with trying to figure out what is different between the sites and if the code you added (hopefully by adding it via a plugin) is complete and correct.

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