I want to show facebook comments, without using facebook comment social plugin.

Hello everyone,
I want to show facebook comments in my site according site's design, without using facebook comment social plugin.

I have tried to get comments of my website page by using Graph API, and also FQL(Facebook Query Language) and got following result.

object(stdClass)#2236 (2) {

  ["og_object"]=>  object(stdClass)#3366 (2) {

    ["comments"]=>    object(stdClass)#1702 (2) {

       ["data"]=>      array(3) {

        [0]=>   object(stdClass)#3367 (3) {         ["created_time"]["message"]["id"]    }

        [1]=>   object(stdClass)#3368 (4) {        ["created_time"]["from"]["message"]["id"]   }

                      [2]=>    object(stdClass)#3370 (4) { ["created_time"]["from"]["message"]["id"] }       


       ["paging"]=>      object(stdClass)#3376 (1) {

         ["cursors"]=>        object(stdClass)#3377 (2) {          ["before"]["after"]        }



    ["id"]=>    string(16) "1621818877941537"


  ["id"]=>  string(84) "https://MY-SITE-URL/blog/view/389154/the-usefulness-of-content"   }

Here i am not getting “from” field in each comments can any body help how i get that ?

  • GraphQL is a query language, which allows you to specify, which fields you want returned in the actual query. Read the GraphQL docs - this questions is completely unrelated to Elgg, so seek help on StackOverflow.

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