403 page Backend webserver unreachable

Can anyone help me with this -- I am getting a "403 page Backend webserver unreachable" on all my elgg sites and don't know what it means?

I have not had any trouble before now, and none of my other pages/sites are having any trouble, only my elgg sites.

  • 403 forbidden error can be caused by lack of index.php file on the root site directory. Check to make sure you have index.php. If not, make a new file with a file name Index.php and paste the code bellow:

    $autoload_path = __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
    $autoload_available = include_once($autoload_path);
    if (!$autoload_available) {
        die("Couldn't include '$autoload_path'. Did you run `composer install`?");
    return \Elgg\Application::index();
  • Thank you for your reply.  I checked with my host provider and they didn't have any trouble viewing my sites - it was only me, looks like it was localised to my area (power outages during the night, disruptions to broadband).

    Not sure why it ONLY effected my elgg sites, though - so weird.

    I restarted my internet connection, as well as my devices, and after a while finally the sites are all accessible again.