Global Configuration for Flash/SWF

Dear Sir,
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to declare Adobe Flash/SWF in Config - Settings similar to declarations like:
$CONFIG->image_processor = 'imagick';
or  * @global string $CONFIG->dataroot
$CONFIG->dataroot = "/home/data/";
My objective or what I am trying to achieve is any pages or plugins that require flash will automatically supported. For examples,
I have visited some gaming, radio, tv sites using mobile device and desktop. The pages don't prompt me for flash plugin install and works
fine. However, same can't be said for MyHoTFB.COM  - Games, Radio, TV pages though I have declared MIMEs in .htaccess
As an alternative to Adobe, I have looked up FFmpeg and it seems that it does support flash & swf.  FFmpeg  resides in /usr/bin/ffmpeg in my server.
Any thoughts on this?


  • That's not how Flash works. FLV/SWF are just file formats and these files needs to be embedded in a page properly for the client to be able to deal with them (i.e. playing the files instead of just downloading the files). And the Flash plugin needs to be installed in the client browser or it doesn't work anyway.

    ffmpeg is just a tool to decode/encode multimedia streams/files (e.g. change formats, resolution, codecs etc.). It does not play video or audio files itself.

    For Elgg you would create a plugin that would embed the flv/swf files within a page correctly (files either provided by also offering some upload functionality or just be able to deal with files already part of the plugin). For example the izap Videos plugin (my fork) used the flv format and a player to be able to play the videos uploaded by the users (all files were converted to flv using ffmpeg if not already in this format). Swf is something different (used rather for some game stuff but not videos).

    But Flash is almost dead already and soon will be totally dead for sure (it is no longer supported on mobile devices and in 2020 at the latest it won't get supported by Adobe anymore - maybe even sooner by any browser). I would advice to not start using it (and if you already use it try to get rid of it). For videos you can use the mp4 format which allows video playback in any modern browser without the need of any browser plugin with the html5 video tag. The recent versions of my iZAP Videos plugin fork supports html5 videos and no longer requires Flash. Instead of swf and Flash games I would suggest to look for html5 games instead (still some work necessary on the Elgg site to implement it in a plugin or if the html5 game comes from some other site to serve it via an iframe).

  • @iionly, Thanks for in depth and well encapsulated explanation. As suggested by you, I will look for  html5 games. Appreciated.