document containing images

hello, I would like to integrate into my help page a word document containing images on my site I used Site Pages Extended with CKEditor editor and photos do not appear what should he use? cordially
  • CKeditor inputs are saved as strings. They can contain text and html tags (only some tags are allowed). But any binary input (i.e. files, image files) are not saved - cannot be saved. You can only embed images within an input, i.e. you would either use the embed plugin to add image files that you have already uploaded before (with the files plugin) or upload and the select via "Embed content" while writing your posting. Or you can use the "Image" option from the CKeditor toolbar to provide the url to an images that is already available somewhere on the Internet (either on your Elgg site, your server or even on another site). Then this image also gets embedded within the posting, i.e. it's referred to via a html tag and displayed within the output.

  • Hello,
    Thank you for all these explanations