Page Handler

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I am running Elgg 2.3.8 with Widget Manager Ver 6.2.1 fpr Elgg 2.1, and Profile Manager Ver 11.0 for Elgg 2.3. The Widget Manager gives me the option to add Widgets to Pages, and I have quite a few pages that can be seen at For some of these pages, I would use the Widget Manager Ver 6.2.1 to add widgets to the pages, but I need to identify the Page Handler. After several tries, and some readings, I am unable to determine Page handler for Bundled Page Plugin and Pages created under this plugin.


For example for page Credit that has an url of can someone kindly help me to identify which part of this url is Page Handler.


  • Pagehandler of the pages plugin is "pages". But I don't know if you would be able to add widgets to arbitrary pages with the widget manager plugin. Elgg allows to add widgets to profile pages, dashboards, the index page and group profile pages (the latter two with the widget manager plugin). But I don't know if the widget manager plugin supports to add widgests on any other pages.