DB Clean Up/ Optimization/ Synchronization Issue

I am running Elgg 2.3.8 at domain name myhotfb.com. I have noticed that with some plugins after you remove / uninstall them, residues of that plugin remains at DB and reflection can be seen in the Admin Section as well. For examples: After uninstalling some plugins I am left with:



This migrates the containers from the static pages from being static containers to group or site containers.

After the migration to correct containers for static pages. The children of deleted pages were not removed. This left orphaned pages which this upgrade will cleanup.

Events store their timestamp metadata in new fields

For consistent use of Support tickets previously created tickets need their access updated.

All event related files need to be migrated to be stored with the event, instead of in the data folder of the owner of the event.

As the plugins have been removed and all of the aboves shows an invalid page when you click on them. Same problem with Hype Wall. If you uninstall it some “entities/objects” (I am not sure if I should call them “entities/objects”, I am not technically savvy) so, I would rather call them plugin residues remain.

Same problem with plugs like Live Streaming and all of it’s related plugins found at https://elgg.org/plugins/828222 when uninstalled, I can still see in DB that it has tables. Another plug is Anypage. Same.

Now, I am left with all these Plugin Residues that I have no idea how to clean. I thought it was very basic that after any installation and installation with Flush and Upgrade, DB is synchronized. I mean exception is fundamental right? Plugins like Garbage Collector should also take care of this or may be not. I have tried with Database Cleaner, which only validates bad users and repairs it.

Now If I try a fresh install, I will loose some of the works I have done on Pages, News Post, Blog Posts, Polls, etc…..


What can be done in this case. Any Specific Suggestions?


  • Just to make things more clear I would like to add few more lines here. I was just fedeling with hypeAttachment Settings and I see the following plugin residues present though I no longer have the plugins related to the following objects installed.



    Is someone understanding what I am trying to say?