Htaccess Firewall (Stop registration spam)

Hi everyone,

I come here today to provide an additional tool to stop spam. 

First, I am in no way affiliated with this website. I'm not paid to promote this. It just seems to be working for me so I thought I'd let the community know. 

I was getting a lot of registration spam. Since implementing this, the spam has stopped. 

It's called the 6G firewall by Perishable Press. And a new version is in the works by the way (7G). All you do is copy and paste code into your htaccess file. They say it's been thoroughly tested and took years to perfect.

It blocks bad bots and stuff like that. 

I'm posting this in the performance group because registration spam could hurt performance. But, if a moderator wants to move this, I understand. 

Performance and Scalability

Performance and Scalability

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