Elgg 3 - many questions or issues - feel free not to answer all

I am testing Elgg-3.0.0-rc.1 with PHP 7.2.9 . Default install is working fine and fast. Its visually good in desktop, I am yet to test in smartphone browsers. A great job done by all Devs. Kudos to them. I have a few questions however - I guess there are available docs and discussions but will like to know if they hold good for Elgg 3 also.

  • Upgrading instructions from Elgg 3 rc to Elgg 3x future versions
  • Translating or changing English UI text to any Unicode lang in the most easy way
  • 2 way friendship - if https://elgg.org/plugins/384965 holds good for Elgg3 ? Holds good it seems but it keeps the terms and entries in Friends and Friends of. In 2 way friendship, this is superfluous and confusing.
  • Widget and Profile Managers && Wire Tools and Blog tools for Elgg 3
  • Private Msg and chat solutions for Elgg 3
  • One user can block another annoying user
  • User can take away his contents, at least all the text, if he wants to quit the site
  • Manual cron uri

I guess all Iionly and most hype plugins work well in 3 ( not sure if UI of all those are aesthetically superb in smart phone browsers) but what about the other popular and most used plugins - https://elgg.org/plugins does not yet have a version 3 filter.!

In smartphone browser the user menu ( as below) takes up a lot of visible space, and one needs to scroll a lot to get to other stuff
    Wire post
Has anyone felt to answer this ?

During install of Elgg 3 rc the link at bottom to install instructions lead to nowhere but this is a very minor issue.