Gift point added into user point

Hello every how to add gift point with user point please help me

  • Not sure if I understand the question.

    For making use of userpoints in the Gifts plugin you would need both the Gifts plugin and the Elggx Userpoints plugin installed (versions to use depend on the Elgg version you use. On Elgg 2.3 use the latest versions available for both plugins).

    Then you would set the Gifts plugin option "Use userpoints" to "Yes". Then you can set the number of userpoints each gift should cost on the Gifts settings tab for each gift individually. And then the site members could only make a gift if they have earned enough userpoints by their actions first (posting blogs, comments etc.). The userpoints to be awarded for the individual actions would have to be configured on the Userpoints plugin settings page.

  • Hi Sir I have install both userpoint and gifts plugins my is I have subtract in userpoint but not added to gift point how to solve it

  • Hello sir I install Gifts plugin its work perfect but not add user points in given friend its subtract in giver but not added receiver please help me

  • if I am installing Elgg_2.3-2.X_gifts_v2.3.1 then get error Call to undefined function elggx_userpoints_get()

    how to solve this problem please help me

  • See release notes of version 2.3.1 of the Gifts plugin:

    If userpoints functionality is used requires Elggx Userpoints version 2.3.2 at minimum,

    The Gifts plugin will not add points to the receiver of a gits. The points are substracted from the sender as the "costs" of the gift itself.