change name of an album in tidypics

Hello, I put a name to my album but I would like to change it when I click on edit I arrive at an album set and not to the album information cordially
  • It seems I added a bug in the latest release of Tidypics that results in editing an album to fail.

    Line 11 of mod/tidypics/views/default/resources/tidypics/photos/album/edit.php is

    if (!($album instanceof TidypicsAlbum)) {

    but it must be

    if (!($entity instanceof TidypicsAlbum)) {

    I'll make a new release next weekend (if I have time). But you could also make the change in this file yourself in the meantime.

  • OK
    it works
    thank you


    Hello, how to prohibit the copying of images on the site or at least the one loaded by tidypics or have an option in tidypics settings cordially
  • I won't add any such functionality that "tries" to prohibit downloading of images. I say "tries" because you might be able to make it difficult for someone to get the image files I don't think you can fully prevent it. As soon as a user sees an image in his browser the image is also cached in the browser. So, you might not be able to download the image directly (if the site tries to prevent it) but you could still just take the image file from the local browser cache.

    One thing you can already do is to disable the download link getting displayed by disabling the corresponding plugin option. You could make it more difficult to download an image by addting the user-select attribute set to the value none for the tidypics-photo class in Tidypics' css file. You would also need to browser specific css attributes to none as described for example at Then the user should no longer get the browser context menu shown on a right-click over an image. Still, there are likely other ways to save an image (or just pull it from the local browser cache).

    OK thank you I just wanted to validate the right click of the mouse I will do some tests