Help - Email verification for historical site

Hello Elgg team, 
We are currently developing a historical site in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where users upload historical material. Due to the high sensitivity of this material that comes from users, we need to verify each user during registration. This can be done by an authentication system that sends a confirmation email to the user's email address. Once the user confirms his/her email address - then the user can be verified and can be allowed to upload.
Is there such capability in Oxwall? If not, could you recommend an alternative solution?
  • What about the bundled 'User Validation by Email' plugin?

  • Is there such capability in Oxwall?

    Ahm... here's the Elgg community site...

    And as @RvR already explained, Elgg comes with the bundled Uservalidationbyemail plugin that provides the account validation by verification email functionality out of the box.