I want to use an extension twice.

Could someone give me a way telling me how to search? I want to use an extension twice to Market Can I? So I know you have to change the name and certainly many things ... is this a complicated job? I am a Systems Analyst, but I am not an experienced programmer because I do not work in this area, but I really like the web area and I have a relative knowledge, but I do not program in php.

  • A bit of knowledge of php and some basic knowledge about Elgg plugin development would help. You can try without any knowledge and learn by trial and error but it might take a bit longer to get it working.

    In theory it's not complicated to clone a plugin to be able to use the "same" plugin twice. It depends on the complexity of the plugin how much has to be changed. Some necessary changes would be independ of the plugin, e.g. function names would have to be unique, view names (view paths respectively) would have to be changed, pagehandler, plugin hook and event functions a would have to be made unique. Other changes depend on the plugin to be cloned, e.g. does the plugin has it's own entity subtype and does it use relations, annotations or metadata that would have to be changed.

    The docs at http://learn.elgg.org/en/stable/guides/index.html give an overview about different aspects of Elgg development that could help with getting started. Other than that just starting and trying stuff / modifying code to learn how things work (testing on an Elgg installation where it doesn't matter if things go wrong) can be a good way to learn, too (at least for me it works better than just trying to read how something works as I already have forgotten most things again when I ever need to use it)..

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