Plugins for elgg 3.0

I'm testing the new elgg version and now I would check some plugins. 
Is there any place where to test the plugins for version 3.0?


  • Do you mean a 3.0 test site where you can see the plugins in action or do you ask for where plugins already upgraded for 3.0 would be available?

    In the first case, I don't think such a test site currently exists (you would have to set up your own test installaton). As for the latter I don't think there are many (if any) final releases of upgraded plugins for 3.0 already available. Some plugins might be in the works for 3.0 and the current state of these plugins could be downloaded from github in the corresponding repositories (I think Coldtrick already made some updates for some of their plugins but I can't say if they already fully work).

    Most likely almost none of the plugins released for Elgg 2.x will work with at least some modifications on Elgg 3. Some very simple plugins might do but if they are even a bit more complex at least some updates in the code are likely necessary (not necessarily any large changes but maybe only some very tiny but specific changes).

    As for my plugins I can currently only say that I have started the work for upgrading them to work on Elgg 3. About 10 of the small plugins are finished. But I have not yet decided if I make any releases at all before the final Elgg 3.0 is released. It's already the second time I'm upgrading these plugins. The first time was last year when I thought that Elgg 3 wouldn't be that far away and I could start with the upgrade. But then a lot of things had been changed since then in Elgg 3 so I had to upgrade the already upgraded plugins again... While I don't expect this to happen again it would be safer to wait just a bit longer before making anything public only to fall into the same trap again in case any last minute overhaul happens before 3.0 is released.

  • Ciao Iionly, 

    Thank you for you the explanation. 
    I'm more oriente on your second question, I've installed elgg 3.0 on my test environment and, considering that my website is mainly based on plugins, I woul likr to test them. 
    I hope the 3.0 will be released in the near month and not postponed like in the past.