Posting wire replyes issue

Just started to make friends with Elgg and I'm not too familiar of how things work here and there.

When I post something to the wire and after that I want to reply to that post, the response is not posted under it( as le's say facebook) but after it as a new post. With no apparent connection to the parent.  When I click the 3 dots menu on the response I get a "previous" link and clicking on it gives me the post>response part but inversed, with the initial posting under the reply.

This is an Elgg bug that needs to be fixed( installed v3.0) or do I have to make some settings somewhere? It looks confusing.

  • Digging into Elgg a little more it looks to me like a very good platform. Almost wordpress like user friendly. But, I guess, it's aimed more at developer user that can fix some of that platform features to output a decent comunnity site with Elgg. 

    An user registered on my future site would be pretty confused not seing his reply under the wire post it replied to but after it with no apparent connection to the parent post. Also this feature on a site with 100 users from wich at least 30 post and reply in a hour, would get even more annoing.

    Also confusing is the existence of both the wire page and all site activity page that is a river without the posting form.


  • But, I guess, it's aimed more at developer user

    But you ask as developer so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Look at some existing plugins by hypeJunction: 1, 2, 3

    Search. Learn. Try.

    I'm sure that after learning Elgg you will be able to create similar sites 1, 2 with customized TheWire in the future.

  • I didn't said I'm a developer, nor didn't know this is a developer area of the forum.

    For me Elgg looks like a good framework for it's purpose but with some confusing bits here and there. Started with the 3.0 and they aren't any plugins for it yet, free or paid that could eventually help me solve my issue.

    Doing it myself... I just managed to fix the feature that let users upload viruses on the site. Stopping the extra page loads on every wire comment, and putting the comments under the parent post, it's a little more complicated than that. I'll look at the documentation and hypejunction plugin to figure out something.