Upgraded to php 7.1 for Elgg 3.0 now can't log into roundcube or rainloop

I upgraded to php 7.1 to try out Elgg 3 on Centos 7.and now my email programs don't work I can log into the admin of rainloop but not as a user in that or roundcube...any ideas..I want to use Elgg 3.0 when it goes public but not at the expense of losing mail services

  • I should add I upgraded from php5.6 and am using nginx+php-fpm as a web server with exim /dovecot

  • Google results seem to indicate that the recent / latest versions of both rainloop and roundcube should work on php 7+. Do you have current versions of these installed? If not, it might be necessary to upgrade. And/or it might be necessary to upgrade the settings of these tools on the server that they work flawless with php 7+.

    Elgg will require php 7+ for certain - no turning back anymore at this point of development. As php 5.6 has almost reached end of life anyway (actually, if the support for php 5.6 would have been extended it would have reached its end of life already) it's time to plan an upgrade to php 7+ in any case.


  • Of course, it's not an Elgg core issue. Are you sure that your current the mail's software supports PHP 7.1? Did you tested it before upgrading on production server?

  • I didn't say it was Elgg core ..everything works, even phpmyadmin, but mailers. Yes I have the most current version of Roundcube. The issue seems to be with a mod_php still directed at 5.6 and I am not sure how to rectify this. If Vestacp doesn't address php upgrades I may go to a different panel like ispConfig3 or something still fairly light on resources but address the php upgrade thing. It is not just Elgg that matters as 5.6 is being dropped from support in December so the whole world will have to move on and that is why I tried 7.1 instead of 7. Asking if future updates to Vesta will include 7.1 or whatever go unanswered.

  • Check the error logs (Apache and/or PHP logs) to find out what the problem with roundmail and rainloop is. Hopefully, there are error log entries that would tell you what the problem is. Then you could try to google for a solution.

  • If anyone has a good lightweight panel to suggest that is working totally with php 7.1 and Centos 7 please let me know and I will try it. I could possibly change to a different distro but I prefer Centos as it is what I have gotten used to. I have been using Vestacp for a few years and it has worked fine for me and it is light but I am open to ideas. I want to stick with nginx+php-fpm as webserver. though.