Missing Access Level Name

Normally, during test and trial, I have always used Access Level as "Logged In"  out of "Private", "Friends" ,"Logged in", and "Public" during installation., and found  the remaining three access levels "Private", "Friends" ,"Logged in", but this time, I choose "Private" during the final installation. And Now I have a situation with Missing Access Level Name, and its "Friends". Its gone.  I see this problem in River /Wire Post and also when creating a content like Page

How should I fix this? Now matter which Access Level I choose out of 4, the reaming 3 Access Level Should be there. 

Now, I have revered back to "Login" in Advance Admin Menu. Also checked the Option: Allow user default access Flushed the site and updated the site. The "Missing Access Level Name" is gone in the River/ Wire post. But the "Friend" is still missing, This happens irrespective of checking or unchecking Option: Allow user default access. 

However, when creating a content like Page, or Blog I do get all the 4 access levels. Only in Wire Post one access level "Friend" is missing. How can I correct this?

  • I can't reproduce your problem for pages. With default access level set to private the pages access level selection looks fine.

    Elgg's bundled Wire plugin offers no access level for postings. They are always public. So, I guess you are using an additional plugin that adds the access level functionality to wire postings. How this plugin handles access levels - and handles them also depending on the default access level - is something I can't answer. Also, have you activated the "restrict pages to logged in users" option? With this option enabled the public access level is unset. This could result in the "Missing access Level Name" getting displayed if the plugin used for adding access levels still tries to offer the public access level. How the "Friends" access level is handled, and how a change in the default access level might inflict the access level of existing wire postings is something also depending on what exactly this plugin does.