Different View when using different mobile device and browsers.

It is very frustrating to see that Elgg continue to responds differently including the latest release 2.3.8. If I use iphone and safari, views and buttons are different, and when using android phones, and I have tried out few like Samsung, Sonny, Huawei and Symphony, the views are not the same. Is this a browser asset issue? Why should a site behave differently from different devices. Also Elgg Bundled theme CCS automatically fails to adjust the site name within the GUI if the mobile screen is smaller than Samsung J Core. I want to be very particular like with Symphony G20  which has a small screen the few letters of the site tittle  is displayed outside the Core Theme Blue header. 

Why is that?  Its definitely an issue with the core version, cuz I am using Facebook Logged out Page plugin by Tom and no matter which phone small or big, tab or desktop I use, the views are same. The site looks perfectly same. 

Any thoughts into why this happens?

  • I would like to add that the elgg.org site also have exactly same views no matter what device and browser I use but the same cannot be said about the elgg core release. 

  • When you say elgg.org doesn't have the problem but elgg core has it, are you testing with 3rd party plugins (themes)? If you have any additional plugins in use, especially a theme that tries to detect mobile devices usage and serves pages accordingly in a mobile friendly way (as defined by this plugin), this could be the reason for the differences on different devices. With Elgg core 2.x the pages are served in a mobile friendly way, too, that is depending mainly (only?) on the screen resolution as far as I know and possibly on what the browser you access the site with requests. If the browser (on a mobile device) is configured to request the desktop version of the site, you will get the desktop version. Otherwise, you might get a slightly different look depending on the device screen resolution (e.g. side-bar at the bottom, site-menu collapsed etc.).