The Wire and Mobile App

The Wire

I know that Elgg is Open Source, and Free, but just because its Open Source, and Free  it doesn't have to be completely skeleton. I have always tempted to use hyWall but I have ran into some problems of all kinds. May be its a problem with lack of knowledge, but as per instructions and dependencies it still doesnt work correctly, sometimes Ajax error sometimes White Page on view. So, I think and desire (poor man's wish) that The Wire should be revamped. It should include some icons for Polls, Pictures, Videos, Blogs  by default in core version. 

Mobile App

I know there is engapp, but Elgg should release a good mobile app with the core release. Folks who wants to by the App, can have the name changed to match there site name. Word press has such app, and its a good one, but I dont know how to work with word press, and want to stick with elgg as I have done so for the last three years, and learned some stuff but not much.

  • Some want more features others want less. Elgg is a framework with some basic social network features that can easily be customized and extended by plugins. The manpower available to Elgg core development is very limited, so you can't expect (as sad as it is) that Elgg core will get all the "nice to have" functionality in the foreseeable future. More often than not these functionality can be added by a plugin anyway, so it is better to implement it as a plugin to keep the maintenance requirements for Elgg core low for the core developers (and for everyone who wouldn't need the additional functionality).If you are urgently in need for some additional functionality there are several options: either learn to write a plugin for it on your own, or hope that this functionality is so charming that someone else comes up with a plugin, or you would have to start thinking about hiring an Elgg developer to do the job.

    I don't get it what advantages a mobile app should have. Elgg is a web application and the data is saved server-side. A user could add a starter icon that links to the site if it's too much to go to the site via a bookmark in the browser. An app would have to get customized specifically for every site depending on what additional plugins are used, the app would have to be offered via a store and there would likely be much additional maintenace necessary to keep the app up to date. And still the app would just be a middleware to access a website.

  • I have made both an Android and Windows 10 app for Elgg and yes they require updating periodically. Here is a link to both and you can have a look at them if you like. I have not made Apple apps as their developers fees are too high for me as well as I would have to buy a current Mac to compile and upload on. If I ever get enough interest maybe then. You will have to make an array of graphics as well. My Elgg site is sorely lacking for users and appears as new but I am still hoping one day I will gather a good user base as most people just view videos as guest. I guess if I can generate intertest in my html web site it will spill into my Elgg one day or at least that is my hope. 




  • I almost forgot I made a Chrome browser extension as well and put it on the Chrome web store. Extensions are very easy to make.

  • Hi are you using android webview to display website in android or its written from scratch, also will you be open to share source code here in elgg site so other can make use of it as well on how to develop all these 3 namely android, chrome and microsoft? thanks

  • @iionly : There are benefits of greater chance of discovery of your site if you have apps on the various stores and are looking for a broader audience. People search for specific "types" of apps, ie: in the case of my apps "religion" whether for my Elgg or my html based site, and can find your app and onward to your site. I haven't had a great deal of people joining my Elgg but a number of people have installed the app and checked it out so for the little it costs in fees and I enjoy programming anyway, what little there is, I find them to be a boost. And Chrome web browser extensions just make it simpler for people to tag your site as you mentioned a "starter icon" ..once again chance of better public discovery.

    @worldopensources As to programming, I use Android Studio for Android apps calling webview and for Windows 10 (and in the future Apple) I use Microsoft Visual Studio. You can use xaramin in Visual Studio to make Android or Apple but I haven't done so as of yet and for Android will stick to Android Studio. For source code I am not sure what I think on that. Visual Studio is "visual" so there isn't a lot of coding with it anyway at least for web apps but Android Studio is all code so a little more complicated. I can maybe start with a Chrome web extension template. If the Elgg source coders or this forum owners wanted to make it available to all as a download with instructions how to adapt it for your site I would be agreeable. It is 5.00 USD to join the Chrome Web Store and you would need to make pertinent graphics and icons for the extension.

  • Using the Web View in android studio making an app for browsing on the elgg site is relatively straightforward. However, you can not use it to make photo posts using the camera or the repository of the mobile phone. I did not find any tutorial to help me along those lines.

  • @BETO I also haven't been able to take or upload photos in the Android app using webview but am working on it and hopefully will get it together with the next version of the app. I have found numerous explanations/cures but have yet to implement any of them to see if they work. Everything works fine on the Win 10 apps.

  • Right, @Herb. I look forward to the possibility of a friendly advice to develop the Android application. And forgive my ignorance in the matter ... what is the way (programs) to develop app for windows?

  • @BETO: To develop Windows apps you can download Microsoft Visual Studio here: the free version is good and easy enough to make a web app in. unlike android webview the camera and photos work fine. You can make Android or Apple apps in it too but Apple developers fees are expensive and they don't guarantee to allow web apps on their store so paying the fees is a gamble and you still need a Mac to compile and upload with.

  • @Herb , Thank you very much for the information. Success in your projects!