Plugin Order/ Priority

Dear Sir,

I have repeated noticed that my plugin order changes when I use different browser from mobile device only meaning from PC / Laptop the Order or Priority doesn't change. This happened with me with all stable Elgg release version including 2.3.8 release. Has this happened to anyone ?, and why its happening like that?

I would like to know:

1. When the plugin order changes, should i keep it the way it is or change it back the way I think it should be.

3. I have always been confused about the order, but this is how I try to do it. I place the plugin by the order of "Alphabet" and  corroding Plugin Name or ID,  unless otherwise the plugin explicitly says immediately after Group to for Group Tools for example. When I place it by the plugs by the order of Name few example are plugin "Target Blank" after Tidypics, Trusted  Global Tags all togather one after another all under the alphabet "T" . Similarly, Web Cam, Who Viewed me, Widget Manager before Web services. Plugin like Crushes after Front Page Demo (Custom Index). One other instance where I have placed Comment Edit Permission after "Likes" cuz that is what the plugin Comment Edit Permission says about its priority. Plugins that change the way Elgg View works like :

Web services 
Aalborg Theme 
links_thewire site previews for elgg
Data views for web services

are placed in the very bottom. in the above order, though Aalborg Theme suggests to place it after Search as a Priority.

4. What I have described in above, please advise if this is the correct way?

I mean there should be a golden rule for plugin priority. A standard that should be adopted. Cuz when the plugs are in wrong priority, I see high CPU usage, Sluggish elgg performance, and just too many mod blogs.

What do you think Plugin Order/ Priority? Should Album Link be placed after Like by the order of alphabet "L", and  plug AMP after blog, cuz before blog it shows error ans suggests to place it after Blog and lastly shoud "Site Pages" be be immediately before "Pages", followed by Profile, Profile Manager, and "Proposed Edit" .


  • I never noticed that the plugin order would change on different devices. I also can't think of any reason why the plugin order should change depending on what browser or device I use. The plugin order is defined by metadata entries associated to the plugin entities. And these wouldn't be different on different browsers and only change if the plugin order gets changed (but again should be the same on every browsers then). I don't know if usage of memcache or redis might have an influence on the plugin order as it gets displayed. If the plugin priority database entries would get cached the displayed order could be different from the real order if the cache is outdated. But again the cache used would be the same from any device you would access the site.

    If a plugin doesn't explicitely request a certain order (e.g. to be placed after a certain other plugin) the exact order is not so important. Theme related plugins should be placed at the bottom as they are supposed to override views of other plugins and Elgg core. For some plugins the developer might have forgotten to define a required plugin priority (but I would think this is very rarely the case and you might notice this if something isn't fully working). But I see no need to totally overhaul the plugin order (e.g. alphabetically). I mostly leave the bundled plugins in the order they come and let 3rd partly plugins be sorted below in the order I add them. Sometimes I change the order to have plugins from the same developer together but that's more a matter on a test installation where I often add plugins that I haven't activated all the time. For any production site I would say as long as the priority requirements of all plugins are fullfiled and the theme stuff is at the bottom that's enough.

  • Hello,
    I had a lot of trouble with plugins, I made some changes in some files of elgg and it blocked the operation of some plugins.
    I have all deleted and I left the version 2.3.8 the latest version, I delivered the latest version of the plugins from github
    all were correct I even managed to add in my album about fifty photo, I had the thumbnails it was great I finally had a site that worked
    I come back the next day, I had more thumbnails and I could not see the pictures,
    I had fallen back into my initial problem while I did not make any changes even in the theme
    I often test the site in private browsing version otherwise we do not see the changes because of the browser cache
    so I will start to disable the plugins one by one to try to find the one that disturbs


  • Rule 1: NEVER test out code changes on your productions site. If you want to change code, always test it on a separate test installation first.

    Rule 2: NEVER change Elgg core files directly. Always make customizations by extending or overriding the core files with a plugin (you wouldn't have to make a separate plugin for each modification if they are just some small changes but could put these within one plugin). If something fails to work as expected you can just disable this plugin and you have the original state. And you won't forget what you have changed and also won't lose your changes when upgrading the site.

    Elgg won't change on its own. If it appears that the site fails to work overnight on its own it's very likely that whatever causes the problem has just appeared to be fixed due to the site cache being flushed and not yet gotten cached again. Once the problematic view / code got cached again the problem appears to have returned while in reality it never had been fixed.


    I had my site working properly last night
    I tried to modify the file start.php of the plugin FILE to remove the MORE in the menu of the site
        // Site navigation
        $item = new ElggMenuItem('file', elgg_echo('file'), 'file/all');
        elgg_register_menu_item('site', $item);
    this had a bad influence on my site so I deleted my modification the refitting site correctly
    this morning I restart my site and disappointment the site does not work properly the images of my album no longer displayed
    I retransfer the start.php file from my local site to the server and all become normal again.
    my question is there any control in the design of php files during your interpretation?
    you already have a particular syntax in PHP files not ending?> and if it is put that ELGG plant
    could spaces or tabs interfere with the operation of ELGG?
    because in my file start.php there was only that as modification
    by cons by opening the file with HEXEDIT I ​​see that the beginning of the file edit begins with
    ï »¿<? php
    while yours starts with
    <? Php
    is that which produces change of operation
    how to set our text editor
    what do you use as editor and its configuration
    thank you




  • is there any control in the design of php files during your interpretation?

    Elgg Developer Tools bundled plugin

    could spaces or tabs interfere with the operation of ELGG?

    how to set our text editor

    what do you use as editor and its configuration

  • @jmperu I believe you save the files you modify with the wrong encoding. The characters before "<?php" you only see with a hexeditor but not in a normal editor are most likely byte order marks added because you save the files in your editor in an encoding with byte order marks ("BOMs"). You MUST save any file you edit WITHOUT BOMs. I suggest to save them in "UTF8 without BOMs" encoding. If your editor does not support this, use another one that does. Maybe that's finally the reason for all your problems...

  • Hello,
    actually I think this is because I redid the change but in ANSI so there is nothing at the beginning of the file and the site works for several days without problem
    thanks again for your patience and your good advice