Installing Elgg LSR on IIS 8.5

Hello all it's been a while since I've logged in to the community website.

I've started working for a none profit organisation recently and believe that we could use elgg for some our services but the problem is that the company uses IIS server and I'm a complete noob on iis.

I tried installing the latest elgg 2.3.8 on our R&D server with very little success, I can't seem to get rewrite rules to work. After many hours of searching and trials I still can seem to install a working copy of elgg onour  IIS server.

My steps so far.

1. Installed URL Rewrite mod is installed on IIS

2. Used tutorial on Microsoft website to Importing Apache mod_rewrite Rules

3. I copied the web.conf from this tutorial on community

4. Downloaded and added elgg 3.3.8

5. Went through the installation process (there was a warning for mod rewrite).

After the installation I can see the site running on front end but the the site css doesn't seem to be working and if i click on any of the link i.e. activity, blog, groups etc I get an HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found.

Any help would be appreciated.