group notification email sending

In groups, even when the user signs up to receive group post updates, no email is sent to him ... Why? (using Portuguese to English translator). Thanks for any feedback.

  • Does the site send other kind of email notifications (if not about group content)? The question is if the problem is not with group notifications only but rather a general issue with notifications. If there's a general notification issue have you set up the 1 minute cronjob on your server for Elgg? This cronjob is necessary for notification sending to work.

  • Yes, I receive emails. But in the case of groups it is a fact that even scoring to follow the groups are not sent emaisl when they have activities in the group. In the message board for example (of the profile), every comment arrives an email. What do I have to do to email each post in the group, for example? this happened in version 2.3.7 and now in version 2.3.8

  • Do you have any 3rd party plugins installed that might change the notification handling? The group email notification sending works fine for me on Elgg 2.3.8 on all group content posted (both email and on-site notifications). But it might be that a plugin you have added either breaks the group notification sending (either because the plugin deals with notification sending in some way or maybe just by mistake/bug) or would require some configuration (or the user to enable some setting) for the group notifications to be sent.

  • Thanks for your attention iionly :) . I made a new installation - using the elgg software that the provider offers to be installed viaSoftaculous (an installer) and kept the problem. When you create a user it sends the creation email. But I saw that in cron there is no work recorded ... Could anyone give me an example of cron command for me to test. I run a cron (to delete large files from photos by mobile phone and only stay created by the site) and worked. But from the email I do not know.

  • For example: I saw that my server has a cron for wordpress: curl, would it be something like this? but I have no idea what the group path would look like (to test).

  • Elgg uses a single crown endpoint for all actions. In the admin dashboard you can see crown statistics. If your crown isn't running the timestamps will be empty or not correct. You can hit crown manually via http://your-domain/cron/run

  • Instructions how to set up the cronjobs of Elgg: Also:

    How to set up the cronjobs on your server depends on what options your server provides for setting up cronjobs. The support of your webhoster should be able to tell you how to set up cronjobs in general. The cronjobs of Elgg require wget or lwp-request being installed on the server. The cronjobs you would need to add use either of these tools to visit certain url endpoints of your site at certain time intervals making Elgg trigger the jobs registered for these cron intervals.

  • Ismayil Khayredinov and iionly thank you, really. I think it was one of the groups where I saw a lot of kindness. I was trying to figure it out "in the nail" (as they say here). But the extension that iionly indicated solved my problem, Very good and very grateful. Sorry my english I use a translator

  • Sorry for mine, I use autocorrect :)