needed resources in KVM vps?

I am running Openvz right now and have a good deal of resources I can split into whatever number of servers I want but i am thinking of changing to KVM single server for my Elgg..what do you suggest would be appropriate ram and cpu for a site with 1000-2000 users and say 100 active users a day on KVM as it will take more resources just to run it.

  • 100 active user over the course of a day is very different from 100 active users logged in at the same time. Even with the number of concurrent users being the same the hardware requirements can be very different depending on what plugins you use and how active the users are.

    I have no experience with KVM or openvz so I can't tell you what exactly would be appropriate. I would guess that 2-4 cpu cores and maybe 2-3 GB RAM would be fine. Wouldn't KVM allow to increase cpu and RAM later on if needed?

  • What I meant was 100 active users on concurrently at the same time. I have had Elgg on openvz for the last few years. I don't purchase a server per se, I purchase resources and can use them to create servers as I wish up to 5 cores or gb of ram per server and I have 8 gb ram and 8cpu. Recently my host started offering KVM and I purchased a KVM4 which is 2 cpu and 4gb of ram and can be upgraded as necessary. Slightly more expensive than openvz and backups are up to me instead of included as in the openvz and it is more work to keep it up but a better setup as ram and cpu are dedicated and everything is more secure. The KVM is a single server but as any server it can handle numerous websites as long as the attributes are the same. Openvz is way easier to manage but I think the KVM will work out and brings me one step closer to a dedicated server which I am hoping to have sometime down the road. I run nginx+php-fpm as webserver to use as little resources as possible for running.

  • In truth Elgg has not worked out as good as as i had hoped as far as user base and it is just one of my websites but i have hopes for the future and as I am running servers anyway it is no bother to host Elgg and if I ever need and I hope i do I can allocate whatever resources necessary. As to cost, I am unmanaged and my host is very reasonably priced and if by some chance my Elgg site ever takes off, having to increase resources would be a blessing.

  • I worked with OpenVZ for many years and I didn't have any problems. But if I chose now then my choice is KVM/Xen. OpenVZ has some limitations on advanced configuration of the server, firewall, etc.

    You can read more about it on StackOverflow

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