elgg compatible with gnu social network?

Hi guys,

Since one week Im trying to find an alternative to centralized social networks and almost all that I found its like microblogin / twitter style.

Also I found another alternatives like movim.eu  and minds.com but both arent compatible or just dont are connected with the federation protocols like ostatus, diaspora. And there arent spanish speakers..

Its posible to do a node with elgg and connect with gnu social ? To see the groups, post,pages, comments and to interact with them?




PS. Sorry Im new in this worl and I dont so much idea about protocols, licenses, etc.

  • I think there's no plugin available or a recent fork of Elgg that would provide any federation functionality or the option to connect different "nodes" of Elgg sites. Elgg is no distrubuted social network framework. Each site is basically a stand-alone social network site. I guess it would be possible (with more or less effort) to create a plugin that uses some available protocol to share content between different sites. But nobody seems to have written such a plugin so far (or at least not published it to a wider audience).