Google Adsense for Elgg

I put the google ID but where is the zone to display the ads it's done alone?
  • Free plugins are alright but what do you intend to get from showing ads on your site? So, in case of ads I can understand that a plugin developer thinks that a small compensation for his work necessary to develop a plugin is not too much to ask for. Actually, developing and maintaining any kind of plugin - or even contributing to Elgg core - takes time and a developer has every right to decide to get paid for his work. If you decide to pay such a plugin is up to you. If you find another (free) alternative, you can use it of course.

    There seems to be another adsense plugin available at You would have to test yourself if it works for you or not (I don't use ads so I don't need such a plugin). The code is rather messy but maybe it works fine nevertheless.

    Or learn to write the plugin yourself. It's not too complex actually. You would only have to learn how to extend the views where you would want the ads to appear with the adsense code. If you don't want to learn it yourself and the free plugin is not working... well there's stil the other plugin offered for sell.

    Hello, I totally agree with you on the fact but as we are on a product that is open source and free I make requests in this way if I do not have a free solution so I can turn to a participation if I'm really interested and if the cost is not not too high cordially