Another great boost for easy funding of open source software projects - teams up with :)

The next level of empowerment for open source software? is collaborating with! I have used Utopian since it was first created on the Steem blockchain and have already been paid nicely for my contributions to various open source projects. The #cryptocurrency 'Steem' is used to reward work that is done to help open source projects on - meaning that now the community gets to financially choose to reward useful projects, without paying a penny!

Fundition is a crowdfunding system that also runs on the Steem blockchain that helps reward non software related projects - ranging from health and arts through to just about anything else. The rewards can come from the Steem rewards pool (the same pool that pays out rewards for posting on, and etc.), plus they can be direct donations from backers as in traditional crowdfunding.
These two teams are now working together to give extra exposure and help to open source projects - so if you or anyone you know needs money to help them create open source software then definitely read up on this!

Check out the press release: