Elgg charges fine in localhost but not from the internet


When I charge the page remotely from Internet, the page doesn´t charge fine as it charges locally in the server. From outside the page charges with no any color graph but just text . I tryed drupal and it charges ok. What would be the problem? thanks



  • I don't understand what you want, explain please.

  • That I want is that the page charge as in the server.

    Please lock the following pictures


    at the left is how the page is seen in the server, at the right is the page seen from the Internet


  • Ok. Can you post yor server error logs?

    I think that you have problem wirh  permissions or more but logs could say more for us

  • The problem is that you installed your site using "localhost" as site url. But "localhost" always points to the computer you are making a request from. That's okay when you sit at the same computer the Elgg site is installed on and only want to use the installation for testing. But if you want to access the Elgg site from another computer you can't use "localhost" anymore. In this case you would have to install using the IP address (should be a static address) or you would have to use a domain name that gets resolved by the nameserver of your network. On the Internet you would have a domain name and the nameserver of the webhoster would resolve the name. When testing within a local network you would have to deal with settting up the nameserver yourself (e.g. by adding an entry in the computers' hosts file).

  • Thanks RvR and iionly for your responses. yes I installed elgg using "localhost", I changed it to my public ip address and now i can see that the page charged ok. so far everything is ok now.


    thank you very much