Un-logged-in (visitor) Processes ( I find these odd).

When a user is not logged in, that is - a visitor that is not a member, I find it odd that, ....

1) When the user selects " THE WIRE " that a screen appears that says "What are you doing? Tell eveyone on the wire". Since this is a non-user and only a guest, why would he/she have any right to send these message to anyone?  It appears that when the user completes the field and selects save, that the message is not sent, but it's odd that a nonuser would have access to that field in the first place. Is this a bug? Or do I have something set up wrong?

2) When a user select "BLOGS" then appears a menu select that says "Write a blog post". This is the same as above, why would a non-loggedin-user have the right to post a blog? Selecting this menu, does nothing other that go back to the home page, but why then would the menu selection be there in the first place. Is this a bug? Or do I have have something set up wrong?

3) When selecting "FILES" this is the same issues. There is a menu selection that says "Upload a file". In this case, when selecting it, rather than returning to the main menu, it goes to a Blank Screen. Why is that menu selection there for non-users anyway? Is this a bug?  Or do I have something set up wrong?

4) Ok, I know this issue is a plug-in (izap_videos) issue, but I thought I'd mention it. When selecting "VIDEOS" there is a menu selection for "Add new video". Selecting it displays a "My videos" page with the message "No video has been added yet.". So, no harm, but while is it there? It this a bug? Or do have something set up wrong?

  • Being able to see content means that the access level on that content has been set to public.

    Some sites show menus that lead to this public content as an incentive to join.

    If the visitor wants to add content, e.g. a blog that visitor can be directed to a registration page - rather than just being redirected to the home page. (in my situation this is what I'm doing)

    Alternatively its pretty easy to change the buttons add a if userloggedin() statement around the button.

    Because there are a large variety of ways that you might want to set up this type of social network there are a lot of ways to set it up. People tend to produce plugins for common scenarios e.g. siteaccess - which has had a few problems with 1.6 switch.

    If you are even a beginner programmer its not difficult to make many of the menu changes. It is the price of flexibility.



  • Mark. Thanks. It's not public content that is displaying but rather an input screen, the same screen that shows for logged-in users. Your  userloggedin() statement makes sense. I'll see if I can makes heads or tails how to add that to the button. Thanks again.

  • Per Mark (thank you) got this working. Found that there is an inconsistency between apps in regard to un-logged-in users. The linking, depending upon if the user is logged in or not, occurs at the module level, for example Blogs do something differently than Groups than does The Wire than does Bookmarkes etc. We do want various items for public view, like blogs and groups and photos, but we don't want things like Actvity or The Wire. I found the easiest thing for us was to modify the theme. We are using the "theme_simpleneutral". Modified the page header code to remove the menu selections that are not valuable when a user is not logged-in using the "if (isloggedin())" code. Works great. Thanks Mark for sending me in the right direction.

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